Belmont University

Belmont University

Students at Nashville’s Belmont University experience NYC through the semester-long internship program, Belmont East.  Belmont students reside with EHS while they complete semester long-internships across the city.  The film, theater and television students work and play in the Big Apple each year through the university’s ongoing program with EHS.  This is just one of the many ways Belmont is making a push to have every student study off campus before graduation.  Belmont students also have exposure to other well-ranked programs.  Check out the list below:

Seven time Atlantic Sun Conference All Academic Trophy Winner
Belmont University

“One of the Best Music Business Programs in the Country”
Rolling Stone and Time Magazines

Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business

Princeton Review “Best Graduate Business Program” 2011
Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business

Laerdal Medical Corporation “Center of Educational Excellence”

Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing

And we haven’t even talked about the mansion on campus.  That’s right, a mansion! Listed on the national register of historic landmarks, the 155-year-old Belmont Mansion is the architectural centerpiece of the university’s campus.

As you can tell, we had an amazing time and hope to make another visit to Belmont University soon!


Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University has several student and career enrichment programs to boast about, but there is one that has caught the eye of EHS.  That program is Vandy on Madison Avenue.  Each year, Vanderbilt students spend the summer in NYC interning with several fabulous organizations throughout the city.  Several of these students reside with EHS while completing their internships.  For more information on this program, visit  Vanderbilt’s Career Center office website.

Vanderbilt University also has many other leading programs, such as:

– Latin American Public Opinion Project
LAPOP has produced comprehensive surveys of public opinion for more than 30 years. Every two years it carries out the AmericasBarometer survey, which currently covers 26 nations in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Each year it publishes dozens of high quality academic studies and policy-relevant papers.

– Cal Turner Center for Moral Leadership

The Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions seeks to foster an environment conducive to faculty research and teaching in areas associated with moral leadership, and to develop student’s abilities to provide moral leadership within their chosen profession as well as within the broader community.

– National Center on Performance Incentives

NCPI examines whether financial incentives for teachers, administrators and schools affect the quality of teaching and learning. NCPI’s work includes the nationally recognized POINT study, the most academically rigorous study to date to examine this issue.

We were told that a visit to Vanderbilt’s campus is not complete without a stop at Grins, for all the healthy food you desire, so we capped our day of learning with a Greek salad and a Vegan cookie.

Baylor University: Go Bears!

Baylor University

Our visit to the Alamo Bowl champions’ campus, Baylor University, was enjoyable!  The sun was shining brightly and warmly on the day of our visit and it was easy to see why the Baylor campus was so lit up.

The 15,000 students seem to truly enjoy themselves on campus.  The warm weather had students in shorts, playing tennis, studying on the lawn and checking in on Joy and Lady, the live bear mascots in their on campus habitat. The Mascot could have been the Buffalo, Antelope, Frog, Ferret or Bookworm … After seventy years without an official mascot, students in 1914 voted to name the bear the official “Patron Saint of all Baylordom.”If that were not enough, Baylor University is also know for the following:

– Baylor University’s program for apparel merchandising, design and product development has been ranked among the country’s 20 best fashion schools by Fashionista, an influential blog which focuses on trends, events, companies and personalities in the fashion world.

– Entrepreneur Magazine and The Princeton Review rank Baylor’s Entrepreneurship Program as No. 3 in the country out of more than 2,000 institutions in its 2011 assessment.

– Baylor is the home of the first campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity

– Dr. Pepper Hour?  A special opportunity for fellowship … In 1953, the director of the Union Building, now the Bill Daniel Student Center, scheduled a special hour each week for students to enjoy a “frosted Dr Pepper” and “talk amongst themselves.”

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit as well as the gorgeous view at the campus! We hope to make another trip back soon.

Texas State University

Texas State University (TSU)

Texas State University is a beautiful, hilly campus in San Marcos.  The Career Services department has set the bar high when it comes to the services and professional development opportunities it provides.  Click here to check out what TSU students have in store for them this spring.

TSU is great in many other ways, too!…



At the Aquarena Center on the Texas State campus, you can see the second-largest springs in Texas through the floor of a glass-bottom boat. The Texas State Strutters dazzled audiences for the first time in 1960. Today, the Strutters are one of the university’s longest-running and proudest traditions. They hold the distinction of being the first dance team organized on any major university campus in Texas and have become known internationally for their showmanship and sharp performances.

Another important thing we learned was the Eat ‘Em Up, Cats Hand Sign. The sign is made by holding up your right hand in the shape of Bobcat paw while yelling “Eat ’em up, Cats!” (Try it!)

LBJ, 36th President of the United States is a TSU alum and the statue of him on campus reminds all who pass by of their potential for greatness.


Texas State is also renowned for its Center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets, which has attracted filmmakers from all across the Americas to its annual documentary film festival, Puntos de Vista.

We clearly had a fantastic visit to Texas State University and learned a ton. We thank them for their hospitality, and hope to make it back for another visit soon!

Polytechnic Institute of NYU

As you’ve noticed, EHS spends A LOT of time traveling across the US! Today we wanted to take a minute to spotlight one of the great schools we are happy to have as a neighbor: NYU Poly!

NYU-Poly has  renowned faculty and as such, top-notch students. To match this, NYU Poly recently expanded its MetroTech campus in Brooklyn Heights.

According to a statement from NYU-Poly, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz says “We welcome NYU-Poly’s expanded presence at MetroTech. NYU-Poly will draw students from all over the world as it puts Downtown Brooklyn on the map as a top destination for cutting edge technology and research. The increased student population will be a boon for businesses and attract greater private investment to the area, which will strengthen Downtown Brooklyn as the city’s third-largest business district.”

Learn more about this exciting development on NYU-Poly’s website HERE.

The University of Houston

The University of Houston (UH)

The University of Houston (UH)… this is a university focused on internships.   Take a look at the resource page they have put together for their students:  We wonder if maybe brothers and alumni, Randy and Dennis Quaid, began their careers with a little help from this fabulous department.

A few other powerful facts about UH include:

– No. 2 most racially/ethnically diverse university in the nation (U.S.News & World Report, 2010)

– No. 1 entrepreneurship program (The Princeton Review/Entrepreneur magazine, 2010)

– No. 3 hospitality school in the nation (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, 2002)

– The University of Houston was named among the nation’s top 25 “Best Neighbor” colleges and universities in a 2009 survey, based on the positive impact UH has on its community.

The good stuff doesn’t stop there. Following Hurricane Katrina, UH admitted more than 1,600 Louisiana students, hosted Loyola University’s administration and law school, provided vision care for 2,800 evacuees in Houston shelters; and, following the Indian Ocean Tsunami, designed new shelters for survivors in Thailand.

It was also the first state university in Texas to establish a Percent for the Art program (1966) — dedicating 1 percent of the budget for each new building for public art. The main campus has more than 260 pieces of public art on display.

They also launched KUHT (HoustonPBS), the world’s first educational television station, in 1953

When we arrived on campus, one thing we did not know that every Friday is declared Cougar Red Fridays.  Thankfully, the stars were aligned and we wore our red shirts on our Friday visit to campus.  Phew!

As you can tell, we had an amazing time and can’t wait to make another visit sometime soon!

University of North Texas

University of North Texas (UNT)

The University of North Texas  is largely a commuter school, but you would never know.  The activity on campus during our Friday visit was lively and active and with not only a very professional and dedicated career services office, but a separate office for internships and co-ops.  Why wouldn’t students be excited?  Both the career services office and internship and co-op office offer a variety of services. Even though they are separate offices, they work well together to focus on student success.  The relationships these two departments manage reach far beyond their offices.  In fact, both department professional organizations have strong ties with faculty and staff on campus and in academic departments to help provide them with even more resources to assist their students.

Aside from having an on-campus optical center and an engineering building so big students

build houses in them, UNT’s eCampus is also the largest provider of online credit courses among Texas public universities and includes distance learning through web-based courses and videoconferencing. This resource helps students obtain a UNT degree no matter where they may live in the world.  Perhaps while they’re interning in NYC for the summer?

We look forward to seeing some green spirit in the heart of New York!

Go Mean Green!