University of North Texas

University of North Texas (UNT)

The University of North Texas  is largely a commuter school, but you would never know.  The activity on campus during our Friday visit was lively and active and with not only a very professional and dedicated career services office, but a separate office for internships and co-ops.  Why wouldn’t students be excited?  Both the career services office and internship and co-op office offer a variety of services. Even though they are separate offices, they work well together to focus on student success.  The relationships these two departments manage reach far beyond their offices.  In fact, both department professional organizations have strong ties with faculty and staff on campus and in academic departments to help provide them with even more resources to assist their students.

Aside from having an on-campus optical center and an engineering building so big students

build houses in them, UNT’s eCampus is also the largest provider of online credit courses among Texas public universities and includes distance learning through web-based courses and videoconferencing. This resource helps students obtain a UNT degree no matter where they may live in the world.  Perhaps while they’re interning in NYC for the summer?

We look forward to seeing some green spirit in the heart of New York!

Go Mean Green!


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