Texas State University

Texas State University (TSU)

Texas State University is a beautiful, hilly campus in San Marcos.  The Career Services department has set the bar high when it comes to the services and professional development opportunities it provides.  Click here to check out what TSU students have in store for them this spring.

TSU is great in many other ways, too!…



At the Aquarena Center on the Texas State campus, you can see the second-largest springs in Texas through the floor of a glass-bottom boat. The Texas State Strutters dazzled audiences for the first time in 1960. Today, the Strutters are one of the university’s longest-running and proudest traditions. They hold the distinction of being the first dance team organized on any major university campus in Texas and have become known internationally for their showmanship and sharp performances.

Another important thing we learned was the Eat ‘Em Up, Cats Hand Sign. The sign is made by holding up your right hand in the shape of Bobcat paw while yelling “Eat ’em up, Cats!” (Try it!)

LBJ, 36th President of the United States is a TSU alum and the statue of him on campus reminds all who pass by of their potential for greatness.


Texas State is also renowned for its Center for the Study of Latino Media and Markets, which has attracted filmmakers from all across the Americas to its annual documentary film festival, Puntos de Vista.

We clearly had a fantastic visit to Texas State University and learned a ton. We thank them for their hospitality, and hope to make it back for another visit soon!


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