Ursinus College

We had a fantastic time meeting the wonderful staff and students at Ursinus College recently! Read on to learn more about our visit…

These Greek Lifers were rocking and “rolling” to the latest radio hits in order to get students excited for their Bike-a-thon!…

ursinus 1

Ursinus art students can let their creative juices flow in this area of the Art Building:

ursinus 2

The “City of Brotherly Love’s” best-known landmark has made its way to campus!

ursinus 3

As you can see, we had a fantastic time seeing sites and meeting staff on the Ursinus College campus!

We hope to see Ursinus students next summer in NYC!

West Chester University

Although it was drizzling during our trip to West Chester University outside of Philly, the helpful and friendly staff and students brightened our day!  Here are some photos from our visit…

West Chester students don’t have to venture far for some cheese fries and gravy.

This retro diner is located in the bottom of the Administration Building!…

Westchester 1

Who knew a cement block could be so beautiful! Decorated with colorful tiles organized in intricate patterns, this welcome structure welcomes students into the Art Building on campus!

 Westchester 2

“Let’s Go Rams!”…

Westchester 3

Thanks so much again for everyone at West Chester for showing us a great visit!

Hope to see some West Chester students in our residences for Summer 14 in NYC!

La Salle University

We had a fantastic time visiting La Salle University, situated in historic Philadelphia!

Check out some of our photos…

Look closely at the posters and you can see career-driven students at La Salle

know where the BEST place to live in NYC is for their internships! …

lasalle 1

Beautiful, intricate iron gates act as the entrance ways to the outdoor courtyard at La Salle:

lasalle 2

Communication students at La Salle are inspired by alums who have gone on to be

television personalities post-graduation:

lasalle 3

As you can see, it’s easy to be inspired by La Salle students and staff! Thanks to all who took time to show us around. We hope to visit again soon!

Muhlenberg College

It looks like Muhlenberg College students like to explore areas outside of the classroom —

in the middle of the bottom row, you’ll see the EHS poster!

Muhlenberg 1

We’re glad EHS can help students make those adventures in NYC possible by

providing housing they can count on.

Muhlenberg 2

What a fun way to greet students and staff who enter the Student Life Office!

Muhlenberg 3

Just one of the many famous “red doors” of Muhlenberg.

As you can see, we had a great visit! Thanks so much to everyone who took

the time to meet with us and show us around. Hope to see you all again soon!

Lafayette College

We had an amazing time walking around Lafayette College in Waston, PA!

Our first stop was Kirby Hall, the home of Lafayette’s Government and Law Departments, was constructed in such a way that it teaches spectators about the progress of civil rights over the past eight decades on campus and across the nation:


As you can see, Art, Theater and Music Students at Lafayette have the right idea about housing in NYC! (Hint hint, that’s the EHS poster all the way on the right, second from the top):

Lafayette 2

For the first half of the 2013 academic year, the art gallery will showcase”an exhibition that presents a sample of innovative and imaginative use of origami by artists, mathematicians, industrial designers, and engineers.”

Lafayette 3

School spirit is definitely not lacking on Lafayette’s Campus!…

Lafayette 4

We had an unforgettable time at Lafayette and hope to be back for another visit soon! Major thanks to all of the staff and students who made our trip such a special one!

Lebanon Valley College

We had a great time strolling around Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA! Check out some of the great sights we saw…


From a brainstorm to a brilliant logo!  This Digital Communication Student’s work is on display in the hallway of the Lynch Building at LVC!


LVC students can enjoy a coffee or a quick bite to eat in this newly renovated cafe on campus!


Innovative design pieces decorate the Art History Office at LVC

As you can see, there are a lot of creative minds at work on campus! We hope they’ll come join us in NYC this summer.

Thanks so much to everyone for having us and hope to be back for another visit soon.

Saint Peter’s University

Our visit to Saint Peter’s University was terrific but unfortunately quick one, so we only had time to take this great shot of students getting cozy in the Student Union!

Saint Peters

The building recently re-opened with a coffee shop, plush seating and a plenty of room to hang out. Next time we visit, we’ll be sure to make more time to hang out here!

Thanks so much to all of the staff and students who welcomed us onto campus.

We hope to see you all again soon, maybe in NYC!