September Student Spotlight: Ethan Plemmons (William Esper Studio)

September Student Spotlight: Ethan Plemmons

William Esper Studio

1760 Third Avenue Resident


1. What is your hometown?

I am from Little Rock, Arkansas.

2.  What school do you go to? What year? Do you have an internship, and if so where is it?

I go to William Esper Studio. I am majoring as a Master of Fine Arts student.

3. Why did you decide to come to NYC? Have you always wanted to come?

I decided to come to New York to further my education, and I have always wanted to come to New York to expand my cultural boundaries

4. How did you find out about EHS? What made you decide to book with EHS? What made you choose the St. George?

I found out about EHS from my college, they recommend it to me because it was the best quality of student housing in New York City. 1760 reminds me of home, a small community that’s very warm and welcoming.

5. What do you like best about living with EHS and at 1760 so far?

The best thing about living at EHS is the 24-hour gym as well as the ability to meet new people.

6. What things about coming to NYC were/are you excited about? What were/are you worried about?

The best thing about New York City is meeting new people and to see different cultures and ideas. I was worried about fitting in the city that was so big.

7. What do you hope to get out of your time in NYC?

I would hope to take away from New York is the way so many people live in a small place but still have a common love and respect for humanity and others around them.

8. What are you favorite things to do in NYC so far?

My favorite thing about New York City is Central Park.  It’s a great place to run and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.

EHS is ready to hit the road!

It’s fall which means it’s time for EHS to once again hit the road and visit college campuses all over the nation.

EHS is planned to visit over 80 different schools this fall, including  the west coast and in Canada!

More on this soon… we can’t wait to share more of our adventures on the road with you. If you’d like us to make a stop by your campus, leave us a comment below.

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