University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign

Our next stop was to the impressive campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We had a fun time meeting the friendly staff and learning more about everything they do to give their Fighting Illini a bright future.


Here are some photos of the other highlights of our trip:

Nothing can replace a handwritten note, nor an old fashioned mailbox:

urbana 1

The entrance way to the Mathematics Building is just one example of Illini’s beautiful campus architecture:

urbana 2

The McFarland Memorial Bell Tower stands tall on the South Quad of campus. It rings every hour, in unison with the primary bell tower (Altgeld Hall):

urbana 3

 Thanks again to everyone who took time to show us around. Hope to see some Illini students this summer in NYC!


Union College

We had a great time visiting the friendly staff and students Union College, located in Schenectady, NY. Founded in 1795, it was the first institution of higher learning chartered by the New York State Board of Regents!

We had a great time meeting and learning more about Union College from the friendly Becker Career Center staff! Here are some of the other things we enjoyed…


Acting as the campus’ focal point, the Nott Memorial is one of America’s most dramatic Victorian buildings:

Union College 1

Chalkboards are not just for the elementary school classroom anymore. Union students use this oversize board to

advertise on-campus events in their Campus Center:

Union College 2

Looks like the Visual Arts students have a “BIG” appetite ūüėČ

Union College 3

Colgate University

While upstate, we took a trip to visit our friends at Colgate University.¬† We loved the stunning views and had a great time talking with the Career Services staff about opportunities for their interns this summer in NYC. Here are few of our other highlights, in picture form…


¬†We felt like a celebrity walking into Colgate’s Career Center and seeing the EHS brochure displayed front and center:

(Thanks for that, Colgate Career Services!)

Colgate 1

I was told that Colgate’s TRUE beauty is seen in the spring (we used a picture taken in spring for the header of this post),

but regardless we were very impressed by the winter views:

Colgate 2

Colgate makes it so that Performance Art students can feel as though they are Broadway Stars

when entering into their Brehmer Theater…

Colgate 3

Thanks so much again to everyone who took the time to meet with us. Hope to make another trip back soon, and to see some Colgate students this summer in NYC!

Binghamton University

Not too long ago, we made our way to the lovely campus of Binghamton University. Although it was a chilly day, we certainly got a warm welcome from the staff. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to meet with us!


Here are some of the other highlights of our trip…

Future Monets display their work outside of the Art Department at Binghamton. I couldn’t help but be in awe of their talent!




Binghamton University is very proud of their alum! Who knew that this actor’s

academic role was “performed” at this SUNY school?!

Binghamton 2

Being prone to winter frost, it’s no surprise that there is a “parking garage” for bikes on campus!…

Binghamton 3

Thanks so much to the friendly staff who took time to meet with us and show us around. Hope to see some Binghamton students this summer in NYC!

Illinois Institute of Technology

While in the midwest, we paid a visit to the very cool Illinois Institute of Technology campus. We were blown away by the integration of technology into the students’ every day life. Check out some of our pics to see what we mean:

IIT Students have the opportunity to be heard “campus wide” on their radio station, WIIT:


When close up, this wall in the Student Center at IIT is made up of tiny graphics. ¬†From further away, larger images “appear.”


Serving both a functional and design purpose, Chicago’s Metro runs through IIT’s Main Campus!


We had a great time visiting IIT’s campus. We’ll keep an eye out for ITT students interning in NYC!

Saint Mary’s College

While we were in Notre Dame, IN we also paid a visit to Saint Mary’s College.

Tucked underneath a staircase in Spec Unica Hall, this whiteboard acts as a “creative” outlet for students!…

St Marys 1

Of all of the card tricks that I know, this one tops the list. ¬†Art students at Saint Mary’s “shuffled” their creativity when creating this hanging decoration!

St Marys 2

Walking through Le Mans Hall could easily take a visitor’s breath away with these beautiful archways!

St Marys 3

Thanks so much to all who gave us a warm welcome despite the cold weather! We had a great visit and hope to visit another time soon.

University of Notre Dame

Despite winter weather doing its best to derail our travel plans, we happily made it to the University of Notre Dame campus for a visit.

We had a great time meeting friendly staffers and learning about everything they do to help ND students succeed. Here are some photos from our visit:

This historic piece of the New York Stock Exchange sits in the middle of the Mendoza College of Business:

Notre Dame 4

The “Currently this Imperfect: ¬†Letter Press Exhibit” showcases the work of students within the Art and Design Program:

Notre Dame

Just another way Art and Design students showcase their talent!…

Notre Dame 3

A trip to the campus of Notre Dame would not be complete without seeing the famous Golden Dome that tops the Main Building on Campus!…

Notre Dame 2

We had a terrific visit and hope to make it back again soon. In the meantime, will look out for ND students this summer in NYC!