Amherst College

After a restful (and delicious!) Thanksgiving, EHS is back on the road. This week we stopped at the gorgeous campus of Amherst College. We had a great time meeting with staff, and taking in the sights around campus…

amherst 1
The Ives Weather Station, located outside of one of Amherst’s many academic buildings, honors the work of Ebenezer Snell.  Snell graduated Amherst College in 1822 and maintained this weather station for over 40 years.  His efforts helped to establish Amherst, MA as one of America’s longest continuous weather observation sites.

amherst 2

This interesting “chandelier” hangs high above the Student Center at Amherst!

We hope to see Amherst students this summer in NYC. Thanks so much to all who took time to show us around. We hope to be back again soon!


Georgia State University

Centered in the financial hub of downtown Atlanta, more than 32,000 students attend Georgia State University.

First week of school, wednesday

This is one of the busiest campuses we have visited yet we were greeted warmly by the staff of University Career Services as well as the Andrew Young School of Public Policy, the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and the College of Arts and Sciences (both Georgia State pictures are from their website).


We have had several GSU students stay with us over the years and look forward to welcoming more!

Thanks so much to all of the staffers who took time out of their busy schedules to teach us more about GSU. We hope to be back for another visit again very soon!

Columbia College Chicago

Next, we made a stop at the highly creative Columbia College Chicago. The tagline “Create: Change” is carried throughout each of the different academic departments.

This word art, decorating the wall of the Marketing Communication department, keeps that tagline fresh in the minds of visiting students:

Words @ Columbia

Talk about inspirational! We had an all-around great trip; thanks so much again to all who took time to show us around. Hope to see some CCC students this summer in NYC!

Go Buckeyes! EHS visits The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University is one of the largest universities in the country with over 60,000 students. We had an amazing time when we got to visit the sprawling campus, which is centered at the edge of beautiful downtown Columbus.

We hosted an information session while we were there so we could answer the questions of any students who were thinking of coming to NYC for an internship next year. EHS has had dozens of OSU students stay with us in the past, and judging from the great turnout at the info session, we are looking forward to seeing many more.

Our trip wouldn’t have been complete without saying hello to campus’s favorite icon: Brutus Buckeye of course. GO BUCKEYES!

EHS honored for its “Outstanding Designs” by American School & University

Educational Housing Services honored for its “Outstanding Designs” by  American School & University Magazine!

We are proud and honored to announce that EHS has been praised for its “Outstanding Designs” by the prestigious American School and University Magazine.  EHS is one of only two organizations honored in the “Residence Halls/Lounges” category, which also features Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The article spotlights the vibrant Student Commons area in EHS’s St. George Residence. The 8,500-square-foot-space was designed by Wid Chapman Architects and includes a kitchen, grand lobby, study lounges and a movie screening room.  Praised by the magazine for its “series of engaging and dynamic environments” thanks to its unique high graphic and color contrasts, the design also reflects EHS’s commitment to being green by using sustainable materials such as Bamboo wood flooring and an energy-saving lighting system.

American School & University has been the information source for education facilities and business professionals since 1928 and averages a monthly circulation of 58,000. Learn more at

August Student Spotlight: Idia Aisien (NYU)



August Student Spotlight: Idia Aisien

New York University Student

EHS St. George Resident




1. What is your hometown?
I am originally from Lagos, Nigeria.

2. What school do you go to? What year?
This summer I started a master’s program in international PR at NYU.

3. Why did you decide to come to NYC for the summer? Have you always wanted to come?
I’ve dreamt of living in NYC since I was little. I heard it was as busy as my hometown in Lagos, but I knew it was not the same thing– people come from all over the world to live in New York, and I always knew I’d be one of them. I got accepted into NYU and I couldn’t wait for the Fall semester to move to New York so I decided to take summer classes as well.

4. How did you find out about EHS? What made you decide to book with EHS? What made you choose the St. George?
I am very particular about where I live, and I did not want to stay on campus like I did in college. I looked up suggestions for off-campus housing and I found the EHS website. I scheduled tours with some of the different buildings, and after visiting the St.George I knew I had to live here. The staff was very friendly, and there was something very warm and relaxing about the environment.

5. What do you like best about living with EHS and at the St. George so far?
I love the RAs and the different activities in the building, because I don’t remember being as cool as an RA in my college days. I also like how secure the building is, because they take our well-being very seriously.

6. What things about coming to NYC were/are you excited about? What were/are you worried about?
Initially I was really worried about where I would stay, because it was all very last minute when I moved here. Now I’m just hoping to take full advantage of the many things there are to do/see in this city.

7. What do you hope to get out of your time in NYC?
Right now, I’m taking a full course load, but I’m also hoping to get a great internship in my field and do some volunteer work.

8. What are you favorite things to do in NYC so far?
I like the Shape Up NYC fitness events, the nightlife, and hanging out in Times Square with my friends. I also love kayaking, I went for the first time with an RA and some people in my building– I made friends and it was so much fun, I’m going to do it again and again.

9. Anything else you’d like to share about yourself or your experience with EHS?
I would just like to say that your perspective is very important in everything you do. I love living at EHS and although it’s easy to be overwhelmed by daily activities and deadlines, it’s also important for me to take time for myself, and remember to take advantage of all the opportunities/great things there are to do here in NYC.

Dorm Flashback at the University of Oregon

The New York Times recently posted the dorm rules for the University of Oregon in the 1960s and today and we thought it was too funny not to share! Check it out below (read the full article here)…

Handbook for Dormitory Women, 1960s

DORM HOURS Freshmen are to be tucked into bed by 11 p.m., and counselors will count noses at this time — upperclass noses, too. During quiet hours (all but four and a half hours a day during the week), residents should use phones, not windows, to call friends. Call limit: five minutes.

PERMISSIONS To go home, sign out with the housemother and pay her for a 2-cent postcard. She will send it to your parents to let them know you are on your way. Written permission from home is needed to go to the beach, ski lodge, hotel or boyfriend’s home.

SOCIAL STANDARDS To improve in poise and social ease, students should observe and practice good manners — for example, by standing when an older person enters the room or approaches to speak. Dining room manners should reflect the training thus far received and absorbed.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE Shorts may not be worn on campus except to and from P.E. classes, and then only when covered by a long coat.

Residence Hall Contract, 2012

WEAPONS Possession, use or threatened use of firearms is prohibited. Possession of knives with a culinary purpose or a blade no longer than three inches is allowed. Combat knives and ceremonial swords are not.

ALCOHOL Residents under age 21 are not allowed to consume or possess alcoholic beverages. Possession of a rapid-consumption device (“beer bong,” for example) is prohibited.

PERSONAL SAFETY Residents are not allowed on roofs, sides of buildings or outside ledges. No one is allowed to extend any part of his or her body outside the windowsills.

FIRE SAFETY Ceiling lights and lamps, including lava and disco lamps, cannot be covered with hats, towels or any other fabric.

GENDER EQUITY HALL Residents can choose to room with a student of any gender or gender-identity. Restrooms in this hall are gender-neutral.