The University of Houston

The University of Houston (UH)

The University of Houston (UH)… this is a university focused on internships.   Take a look at the resource page they have put together for their students:  We wonder if maybe brothers and alumni, Randy and Dennis Quaid, began their careers with a little help from this fabulous department.

A few other powerful facts about UH include:

– No. 2 most racially/ethnically diverse university in the nation (U.S.News & World Report, 2010)

– No. 1 entrepreneurship program (The Princeton Review/Entrepreneur magazine, 2010)

– No. 3 hospitality school in the nation (Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, 2002)

– The University of Houston was named among the nation’s top 25 “Best Neighbor” colleges and universities in a 2009 survey, based on the positive impact UH has on its community.

The good stuff doesn’t stop there. Following Hurricane Katrina, UH admitted more than 1,600 Louisiana students, hosted Loyola University’s administration and law school, provided vision care for 2,800 evacuees in Houston shelters; and, following the Indian Ocean Tsunami, designed new shelters for survivors in Thailand.

It was also the first state university in Texas to establish a Percent for the Art program (1966) — dedicating 1 percent of the budget for each new building for public art. The main campus has more than 260 pieces of public art on display.

They also launched KUHT (HoustonPBS), the world’s first educational television station, in 1953

When we arrived on campus, one thing we did not know that every Friday is declared Cougar Red Fridays.  Thankfully, the stars were aligned and we wore our red shirts on our Friday visit to campus.  Phew!

As you can tell, we had an amazing time and can’t wait to make another visit sometime soon!


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