Bethel University

Bethel University

 We ended our trip to charming St. Paul, Minnesota with a visit Bethel University. The staff went above and beyond to fill us in on everything they are up to. We had a great time! Here are some of our pics:


This an interesting Speed Restriction is set all across campus:

Bethel 1

Lake Valentine borders most of the southern end of campus.  The view is breathtaking!

Bethel 2

Ranked #8 on the list of healthiest campus “fooderies”, Bethel takes pride in its nutritional noshes:

Bethel 3

 Thanks to all who helped make our welcome a warm one. Looking forward to visiting again soon!

University of Northwestern – St. Paul

University of Northwestern – St. Paul 

Next, we took a trip to the University of Northwestern. We had a great time exploring the campus and learning more about the ways the staff works to make sure their students are getting the experience and education they need to succeed.

Business students took part in a promo challenge that tested their creativity and pop culture smarts:

northwestern 1

On a beautifully sunny day like the one we had on our visit, the courtyard makes for an ideal lunch location:

northwestern 2

Thanks so much to all who took time to meet with us. We learned a lot and look forward to visiting again soon!

University of Minnesota: Twin Cities

University of Minnesota: Twin Cities

Next on our adventure list, we headed to the Midwest to explore all of the great colleges and universities in the Twin Cities.

Our first stop was at the beautiful, sprawling campus of the University of Minnesota. Here are some photos from our trip:

Getting from West Campus to East Campus is much easier by bike!


The undergraduate business students have a lot to be excited for after they graduate:


The Goldstein Museum of Design is on the Saint Paul Campus of the University of MN.

Exhibits change seasonally, with this season featuring Danish Designs for Living:

 UMN 3

We had a great time exploring the campus and meeting everyone. Thanks so much for having us and looking forward to visiting again soon!

Morgan State University

Morgan State University

While we were in Baltimore, we paid a visit to Morgan State University. It was a gorgeous summer day, which made our trip even more wonderful!

Journalism and Communication Students at Morgan State are always “up to the minute” on the latest information:

Morgan State 1

The quad is picture-perfect!

Morgan State 2

Bears fans gather here to cheer on their team:

Morgan State 3

Thanks so much again to everyone who took time to show us around.

University of Maryland – Baltimore County

University of Maryland – Baltimore County

 We recently paid a visit to the beautiful and sprawling campus of the University of Maryland, situated right on the outskirts of the fantastic city of Baltimore.

We received a warm welcome and learned a lot about the hard work the staff there is doing to make sure its students have a bright future. Here are some photos from our trip:


Since this building acts as their academic “foundation,” it is only fitting that the Fine Arts students leave

their mark on this actual piece of structural foundation:

U of Maryland 1


Summer would always be on our minds if we had an outdoor pool on our campus:

 U of Maryland 2


“Retriever Fever” is in full force around campus!

U of Maryland 3

Thanks so much again for the great visit. We hope to be back again soon!

Michigan State University

Michigan State University

While in beautiful Michigan, we paid a visit to Michigan State University. We have had seven MSU students staying with us this summer! Here are some of the photos from our trip…

Colorful and creative in the Apparel and Design Department:

michigan state 1


The pillars on this walkway showcase the many “fans” of Michigan State University:

michigan state 2


Students within the School of Journalism get a chance to “broadcast” their talents via this news desk:

michigan state 3

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

We recently took a trip to beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan for a visit on U of M’s sprawling campus. We have TWENTY U of M students staying with us this summer!

In addition to meeting with tons of friendly staffers, we took time to stop into famous Zingerman’s Deli for a bite as well as take these shots:

Music inspires most things on the north campus of the University of Michigan:

U Michigan 1

We never thought bugs could be so interesting!  Thanks to the University of Michigan Design Students for changing our fear to fascination:

U Michigan 2

The clock tower is an icon part of the University of Michigan.  Although it is located on the Central Campus, it is so tall that it can also be viewed while visiting the North Campus:

 U Michigan 3

Thanks so much to everyone who took time to show us around. Looking forward to welcoming more U of M students at EHS!