Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University has several student and career enrichment programs to boast about, but there is one that has caught the eye of EHS.  That program is Vandy on Madison Avenue.  Each year, Vanderbilt students spend the summer in NYC interning with several fabulous organizations throughout the city.  Several of these students reside with EHS while completing their internships.  For more information on this program, visit  Vanderbilt’s Career Center office website.

Vanderbilt University also has many other leading programs, such as:

– Latin American Public Opinion Project
LAPOP has produced comprehensive surveys of public opinion for more than 30 years. Every two years it carries out the AmericasBarometer survey, which currently covers 26 nations in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Each year it publishes dozens of high quality academic studies and policy-relevant papers.

– Cal Turner Center for Moral Leadership

The Cal Turner Program for Moral Leadership in the Professions seeks to foster an environment conducive to faculty research and teaching in areas associated with moral leadership, and to develop student’s abilities to provide moral leadership within their chosen profession as well as within the broader community.

– National Center on Performance Incentives

NCPI examines whether financial incentives for teachers, administrators and schools affect the quality of teaching and learning. NCPI’s work includes the nationally recognized POINT study, the most academically rigorous study to date to examine this issue.

We were told that a visit to Vanderbilt’s campus is not complete without a stop at Grins, for all the healthy food you desire, so we capped our day of learning with a Greek salad and a Vegan cookie.


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