Michigan State University

Michigan State University

While in beautiful Michigan, we paid a visit to Michigan State University. We have had seven MSU students staying with us this summer! Here are some of the photos from our trip…

Colorful and creative in the Apparel and Design Department:

michigan state 1


The pillars on this walkway showcase the many “fans” of Michigan State University:

michigan state 2


Students within the School of Journalism get a chance to “broadcast” their talents via this news desk:

michigan state 3


University of Michigan

University of Michigan

We recently took a trip to beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan for a visit on U of M’s sprawling campus. We have TWENTY U of M students staying with us this summer!

In addition to meeting with tons of friendly staffers, we took time to stop into famous Zingerman’s Deli for a bite as well as take these shots:

Music inspires most things on the north campus of the University of Michigan:

U Michigan 1

We never thought bugs could be so interesting!  Thanks to the University of Michigan Design Students for changing our fear to fascination:

U Michigan 2

The clock tower is an icon part of the University of Michigan.  Although it is located on the Central Campus, it is so tall that it can also be viewed while visiting the North Campus:

 U Michigan 3

Thanks so much to everyone who took time to show us around. Looking forward to welcoming more U of M students at EHS!

University of Michigan

Yes, we were crazy enough to visit renowned rivals Ohio State University and The University of Michigan in the same week!

As always, we had a great time visiting U of M in Ann Arbor, Michigan and even got to stop at the famous (and delicious) Zingerman’s Deli.


(Credit: The College Solution / Roadfood.com)

Central Michigan University… Go Chips!

Central Michigan University

It was a cool duo of days on our visit to the campus of Central Michigan University (CMU) .  Located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, CMU is home to the Chippewas.  Go Chips!

EHS was able to meet with a variety of campus staff and faculty that are dedicated to assisting students with internships (as almost all student majors require an internship for credit before graduation) and careers.  We were able to spend a bit more time with the CMU faculty and staff due to it being finals week on campus.  We learned about all of the job fairs, interviewing and job shadowing trips, one on one students consultations, mock interviewing, etiquette dinners and much more during our visit.

If you are ever in Mount Pleasant and are looking for a good meal, we recommend the Brass Café!  And if you are looking for a few notable CMU alumni, check out the NFL commentating booths and HGTV for Ray Bentley and Carter Oosterhouse, respectively.  Fire Up, Chips!