Morgan State University

Morgan State University

While we were in Baltimore, we paid a visit to Morgan State University. It was a gorgeous summer day, which made our trip even more wonderful!

Journalism and Communication Students at Morgan State are always “up to the minute” on the latest information:

Morgan State 1

The quad is picture-perfect!

Morgan State 2

Bears fans gather here to cheer on their team:

Morgan State 3

Thanks so much again to everyone who took time to show us around.


University of Maryland – Baltimore County

University of Maryland – Baltimore County

 We recently paid a visit to the beautiful and sprawling campus of the University of Maryland, situated right on the outskirts of the fantastic city of Baltimore.

We received a warm welcome and learned a lot about the hard work the staff there is doing to make sure its students have a bright future. Here are some photos from our trip:


Since this building acts as their academic “foundation,” it is only fitting that the Fine Arts students leave

their mark on this actual piece of structural foundation:

U of Maryland 1


Summer would always be on our minds if we had an outdoor pool on our campus:

 U of Maryland 2


“Retriever Fever” is in full force around campus!

U of Maryland 3

Thanks so much again for the great visit. We hope to be back again soon!