University of Mississippi

We are happy to report our photos are about to get much sunnier as we tell you more about our travels down south!  We recently toured the beautiful state of Mississippi, as well as a few of the impressive universities that call MS home.

Our first stop was to the sprawling campus of University of Mississippi, where we quickly learned how to say “Go Ole Miss!”  We also quickly learned how hard the UMiss Career Center works to make sure its students have a bright future.  Here are some other highlights from our trip:


A trip to Ole Miss would not be complete without stopping by their Spectacular Stadium!:


Smack dab in the middle of campus is this beautiful fountain! If only it had been a little warmer for it to be flowing (guess we’ll just have to come back!)…


Although seemingly empty today, The Grove comes alive during football season when tailgaters travel miles to cheer on their team:


Thanks to everyone who took the time to show us around, hope to visit again soon and to see some Ole Miss students this summer in NYC!


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