University of Texas at Arlington

University of Texas at Arlington

We have three students from the University of Texas at Arlington coming to stay with us in NYC this summer so we wanted to make a special trip there as well. UT Arlington is the second largest institution in the UT system and it’s been making some changes to accommodate the growing number of campus residents.

The brand new College Park District is a place where students, neighbors, and visitors can enjoy stellar entertainment, sports, and restaurants.

The impressive complex includes a broad range of amenities, and the University’s special events arena— College Park Center—is the focal point of the College Park District. Next to the arena is The Green at College Park—an inviting oasis where students and neighbors can gather, relax, and play—and the multi-use College Park building.

Places to eat include Pie Five Pizza Co., Coolberry Frozen Yogurt, Pho Xpress, Smiling Moose Deli, and Digg’s Taco Shop, GRIP Mediterranean Grill, and Blaze’s Sports Grill.

We loved having lunch outside at Digg’s Taco Shop and soaking up the warm Texas sun!

strip mall

We hope to be back for more good fun, sun, and conversation soon!


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