University of Texas – Dallas

University of Texas at Dallas

We have five students from the University of Texas at Dallas coming to stay with us in NYC this summer so we wanted to take a trip there to learn more about the school in-person!

We had a lovely meeting with the Career Center Team at UT Dallas — their enthusiasm was hugely inspiring! This summer they are launching an internship program in Dublin, Ireland. We hope the participants have a great summer.

After our meeting we were given a personal tour. Our favorite site was the life-size Chess Board. In fact, The UT Dallas Chess Team has won national and international titles and regularly represents the University in the Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship, the National Collegiate Chess League and the Final Four of Chess.

chess two

We were also impressed with this building… the tile design on the exterior wall of the Science Learning Center is inspired by the atomic emission spectra of gasses and human DNA as it is separated in a process called gel electrophoresis.


Did you know t-shirts could fly? Neither did we until we spotted them doing just that on campus!

UT tshirts

Thanks again to everyone who took time out of their busy days to talk with us and show us around.

Hope to be back again soon for another visit!


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