Miami University of Ohio

Miami University of Ohio

For our next visit, we drove to southern Ohio to visit the beautiful, sprawling campus of Miami University. MU has a lot to offer its students both in and outside of the campus. We can see why students love it even just after one visit, but you can learn why from them directly in this terrific video!

We already have five Miami University students coming to live with EHS this summer in NYC, and hope to see even more! We’ve had over 50 MU students stay with us in the last few years.

In the meantime, we’d like to share some of the sights we enjoyed while on campus!…

This striking bell tower is just one example of the beautiful buildings and structures that give Miami Universityits charm…

Bell Tower

Architecture and Interior Design students have taken it upon themselves to revamp the mundane staircase within their department’s building…

Interior Design 1

Connecting the east and west campuses, this beautiful bridge, along with its identical twin that runs parallel, gives Miami University a very whimsical feel…


A museum or classroom building?  Students in the Zoology department may have had a hard time figuring this out upon declaring their major!…


Hope to be back for another visit soon!


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