Carnegie Mellon and Chatham University

The next stops on our Pennsylvania adventure were on the Western side of the state.

First, we visited Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh — a beautiful school with terrific staff and students. We’ve had many CMU students stay with EHS in the past, and hope to see more this summer too.

Here are some of the cool things we saw during our visit:

This structure sits outside of Carnegie Mellon’s Drama School – making visitors believe that CMU students have the ability to defy gravity!…

Defying Gravity @ CMU

As part of a design project, students took household items and turn them into animals:

Recycle @ CMU

After seeing this display, I found myself looking at my Starbucks’ cup a little differently!

Recycle 2 @ CMU

Next, we stopped by Chatham University, also located in the Pittsburgh area. The university is renowned for its top-ranking master’s programs. We had a great time learning more about them.

While we were there, we were moved by this peaceful monument (pictured below).

Students at Chatham can take a moment to reflect and think about the soldiers in combat while caring for this zen garden in the Office of Residential Life:

Zen @ Chatham

Thanks so much again to everyone who showed us a great time. We hope to back to visit again soon!

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