EHS’s Hurricane Efforts

As all are well aware, Hurricane Sandy left a trail of devastation and destruction when she hit the East Coast a few weeks ago. EHS was very fortunate that all of its buildings were unaffected by the storm, so our staff and residents have been busy helping those in need during this trying time.

There is still so much to be done, so in addition to some of the recovery efforts EHS staff and residents have been making listed below, we will also share upcoming opportunities to help others with EHS:

EHS in general:  

  • EHS provided complimentary breakfast and lunch for its residents to make sure all had access to food during the storm, as well as delivered muffins and bagels to Pace University and School of Visual Arts residents
  • EHS waived its overnight guest fee so that residents could help friends and family in need of a safe place to stay
  • EHS continues to host a collection for food, clothing and toiletries in every building to donate to local charities — we have already donated several bins of clothing/blankets, full boxes of food, cleaning supplies and personal care items —  and are still getting new donations in every day
  • The EHS staff banded together to donate money and supplies to co-workers living in Carnarsie and Staten Island affected by the storm, and donated their free time to volunteer at shelters or or host friends in need at their homes.

 Student Life Coordinator Maria Giraldo shares her experience collaborating with UWSLoves to help those in the Rockaways:

” I picked up over 500 sandwiches that UWSLoves generously made as well as bought 8 cases of water, then headed to the Rockaways to hand out food to an apartment complex of elderly who had been without water or electricity for twelve days,” Maria says. “They were very grateful; an elderly Russian women cried when we arrived and did the best she could in her native tongue to tell us how thankful she was that we were there.”

Coming up:

– EHS will be hosting a Blood Drive in the St. George Residence on November 29th

– EHS is continuing to collect  money and donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste and body soap in every building

We will continue to list what EHS is doing to help others here for those who would like to be involved, and a broader listing of opportunities can be found on WNYC’s website.


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