(We’re Sad to Say) We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Kansas State University

Located in the heart of Manhattan…Manhattan, Kansas that is, Kansas State University is a beautiful campus with hills and great surrounding areas.  Our visit to K State started off on the right foot with breakfast with a K State professor.  The Chef Café (featured in Food Network Magazine) was a delicious place to dine and a great place to learn about K State.  When it comes to career fairs for students, K State leads the way.  With at least four career fairs each semester, K State students are lucky to have such a dedicated team of career services staff on their side.  With an active Facebook page, listserv, resource page and exemplifying relationships with faculty, staff, alumni and of course, students, the Career Services staff at K State really is impressive.  This Manhattan may be very different from the Manhattan that EHS knows, but it certainly has its own charm, prestige and wonderful people.

Kansas City Art Institute

At our recent visit on the campus of Kansas City Art Institute, we were able to meet a dedicated group of faculty, academic directors and career services staff who go above and beyond to assist the students.  The culinary staff informed us that after the culinary students (who make up over half of the student body population) gain their practical experience working in the on campus restaurant, many are looking for employment and internship opportunities outside of the Kansas City area.  Culinary and  Baking & Pastry students are always looking for staging opportunities in NYC. This fresh, new campus has grown tremendous since opening its’ doors just a few years ago.  It was a pleasure to be on campus and to be surround by so many students studying many diverse are field.

Thanks to both schools for making our trips so fun (and delicious!). Looking forward to welcoming Kansas students at Educational Housing Services.


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