It’s Lovely in Lawrence: The University of Kansas

University of Kansas

With a number of arts per capita that rivals NYC, Lawrence, Kansas–nicknamed the City of Arts–is a great learning environment for University of Kansas (KU) students, faculty and staff.  The staff at each of the Career Services offices on campus also provide a host of job fairs, employer interviewing sessions, resume workshops, internship fairs, mock interviewing and a resource area for students who are looking to plan for their professional future while they study.

With such notable alumni as Clyde Tombaugh (the man who discovered Pluto), Neil Labute (acclaimed playwright and filmmaker), Sheila Bair (Chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), Paul Rudd (actor), Rob Riggle (actor/comedian of “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show”) and Wilt Chamberlain (basketball star), it is easy to see where the cross between a culturally aware city and a university full of staff and faculty dedicated to student success will lead.

Of course, we made sure to check out the KU basketball team in action before we left, too. We look forward to welcoming KU students to stay with us in NYC this summer!


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